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Online video is our core. We specialize in storytelling. Stories, in every form. Having an animation or video made for your website or social media entails various other products. We therefore offer animation, video, text, illustration, photo and audio as content forms. Single purchase, an affordable subscription or package, everything is possible. Influence and conviction. That is what Anglure can do for you. That is how we win your, and your target audience's attention. 

What we offer

“We work as proactive colleagues. We know you and your company and take you with us into the world of online content, as far as you wish and just one step further.”


Everything is tailored to you. It's a drag when you 'have to do things' or if things are 'not possible'. You invest and we offer a result that suits you. Having content made is personal.

We offer an insightful, effective and stress-free experience. Through feedback in every phase and visual support, we prevent annoying obstacles in the following phases. That saves you some time, money and trust issues.

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Your trust in Anglure is valuable for both parties. As a media company that will provide your content, we believe it is important to provide you with insight into our work. View our portfolio, but also the case studies containing the process and the other media that we produce.

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Having social media content made


Two words: Influence and conviction. These words summarize why most people do what they do. You want to be in the picture and be the strong side of the contrast with your competition. You want to adress the factors that motivate your audience so that they will take steps in a desired direction. The way you communicate, influence and convince is decisive for this.

What we offer

6 Reasons to use video or animation.


Video superior to text

Viewers retain 95% more of a message viewed as a video, compared to 10%, when they read text.

Source: Insivia

Video helps customers to understand products or services

97% of marketeers say that video has helped users gian a better understanding of their products and services.

Source: Hubspot

Reach the front page of google with video

A website is 53% more likely to reach the front page of google if it contains video.

Source: Insivia

Social video generates 1200  more shares than images and text combined

Social video generates 1200% more shares than content like text and images combined.

Source: G2 Crowd

Video generates likes and traffic

Video's provide 300% more traffic and help generating leads.

Source: MarketingSherpa

Video provides conversion

64% of consumers makes a purchase after consulting video's on social media.

Source: Tubular Insights