SendCloud | Sam Friday | Succes case video

SendCloud helps brands with the send and retour processes for their products by using their software. Sam Friday uses SendCloud. They had this testimonial video about their SendCloud succes case made by SEPH Visual and Anglure .

Sioux technologies | Source Program | Custom animation

Sioux technologies now offers the source program. A process in which graduates do not immediately have to choose a single discipline, but can experience multiple areas of expertise within the company before they make a definitive choice. They have an explainer video made together with Anglure.

DAF | Knowledge base | Custom animation

Keeping up with time, that's what DAF finds important. That is why they now offer the DAF knowledge base, where customers can go for all the information and references they need. They have an explainer animation made together with RIFF and Anglure.

Nightbalance | Sleep position trainer | Video

A compact sleep position trainer, without wires and hoses, that helps you with sleep apnea problems. Nightbalance has a commercial video made for the new product in collaboration with NoPoint studio, SEPH visual and Anglure.

Neskrid 01

Neskrid | Icons + Illustration

An online system to order custom orthopedic shoes. That is what Neskrid made. They have an icon set and illustrations made for the website and system, together with Anglure.

Royal Haskoning DHV | Project ISLE | Custom animation

The concept for Project ISLE: A digital platform to promote innovation and collaboration within the company. Without the platform already existing, Royal Haskoning DHV could already present it as a demo, through this animation video.

Sintlucas2 01

Diversity Communications | SintLucas | Animation Illustrations - restyle

SintLucas is ready for a new style. Again, Diversity communications have the visual design for 3 animations made by Anglure. The animations revolve around lifelike project education, internships and guidance from talent to future.

Fleuren | Fourage and Transport | Video's

To mark their annyversary, Fleuren had a number of videos about the company recorded. In collaboration with SEPH visuals and Anglure.

Apps4Alerts | Global pet alert | Custom animation

Your pet is missing, don't worry. With Global Pet Alert you can find your buddy quickly. Because this app is about something very emotional, Apps4Alerts decided to have a cinematic animation video made by Anglure.

Neuromarketing 01

Neuromarketingspecialist Chantal van den Berg | Book Illustrations - Braingame

A book about the neuromarketing techniques that can ensure that you can assess, analyze and control every conversation and confrontation. Chantal had the illustrations for her book made by Anglure.

SoundHunter | Promo animation

A platform where producers of animation, video, games and radio can easily order audio clips. To support the great sound design, Soundhunter had aan animation made by Anglure.

Renewi Netherlands | Welcome to the world of Renewi | Video's

In collaboration with SEPH visuals, NoPoint studio and Anglure, Renewi Netherlands had two videos made about the company and their vision.

I-Mech | Building blocks | Custom animation

Advanced high-tech modules, both hardware and software. This is how i-Mech keeps the European tech level as high as possible. Together with Anglure they made the introduction through animation video. So that all the parties involved - despite the complex information - knew what they where talking about within a few minutes.

VECO Precision | Corporate video

The production of precision parts, that is what VECO excels at. VECO had their corporate video made in collaboration with SEPH visuals and Anglure.

HSG 01

Diversity Communications | Abergain - High Sugar Grass | Animation visuals

Grass with better nutritional value for dairy cows. Abergain needed an animation about that. Anglure designed the visuals for the animation on behalf of Diversity communications.

The Grand East | Rabbits and Children | Animated music video

An animated music video. The band: The Grand East, approached us to have an animation made for the song: Rabbits and Children, from their debut album: Movano Camerata.

SintLucas1 01

Diversity Communications | SintLucas | Animation Illustrations

Anglure was commissioned by Diversity Communications to design the visuals for 4 animation video's of the school called: SintLucas. With the excellent program, the preparatory secondary vocational education, the alumni and study guides as subjects.