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Which content suits you and your target group? In what way do you influence and convince? An explanation video achieves more than written text an images combined. Information is remembered better by an animation of a few minutes than by an hour-long internal course. People change with time. Fortunately, the solutions grow with you.

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Your potential customers ask for more content via various social media channels. This demand continues to rise. Anglure offers the answer for your affordable, periodic content. Knowlegde, skill and flexibility without obligations while saving costs on all your future media.

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Our personal favorite. The combination of image, sound and text with endless possibilities. Short, long, funny, serious, with or without characters. You can do everything with animation videos. GEt your logo animated, explain abstract products or services and replace entire internal coourses with online animation.

Options: Character animation | Motion graphics | Cell animation | Corporate | Introduction | Explainer | Logo animation | Teasers | Advertisements | Courses | Html animation | Snippets | Titles | Lower thirds | Presentation | Animation library.

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If more realistic is your thing. If people, animals, products, nature or social proof make the difference then there is photo and video. Amplified by special effects and motion graphics when needed. Have a succesful case video made, show your process and company or have a registration of your last event made.

Options: Corporate | Testimonial | Succes case | Explainer | Recruitment | Instruction | Review | Teaser | Website photos | Advertisements | Introduction | Trailer | Social cuts | Registration | Event video | Compositing video | Video library.

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Sometimes, your product or service cannot be captured in photos, or they don't do justice to your company. Illustrations can make your presentation more vivid or show what you do, even if this cannot be captured on camera.

Options: Infographic | logo | decoration | presentation visuals | website visuals | storyboards | concept art | icon sets | visual library | character design | Storyboard

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Muziek  voice overs en sound design laten maken


Sound is a big part of the online video experience. But how about advertising on services such as Spotify or the radio. Have a recognizable sound added to your logo animation, have a set with music made and remaster content so that it sounds great in a cinema room or on a mobile device. Sound is more important than you might think.

Options: Voice-over | sound design | audio mastering | music | Audio logo | Audio commercial

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Have texts written


We all know this phrase: 'it is not what you said, it is how you said it'. Textual documents form the basis of most products. Concepts, scripts, voice-overs, descriptions, stories, catchy texts and even your next social media posts. Have your copy written by professionals and take a big step towards better communication.

Options: Copy | Storytelling | Concept | Script | Voice-over | Website teksten | Schrijfstijl | Vertalingen

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HAve social media content made


Social media forms a web of traffic around your company. The social connection between you and your audience. Errors are easily made. Know what you have to offer, know the balance between sales and the meaning of the word social. Also know which media works on which channel. Use influence and conviction effectively. Have a content plan made by Anglure so that your Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are always filled with the right content.

Options: Social media strategy | Measurability | LinkedIn Content | Youtube content | Facebook content | Instagram content | Twitter content | Short video | Short animation | Illustration | Copy | Slideshare

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Business to consumer

Communicate with your audience. Build a community. Product launches, interaction with young adults, tours, promotions, user manuals or explainer videos.

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Business to business

Adress recruiters through social media. Make your services and products clear through your network. Explain something, get some information into the world or solve a problem through content.

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Business to world

Sometimes your content is meant for everyone. An example: Adressing a new initiative, recruitement or just a message you want to spread.

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Business to employee

The way you use content makes the difference. To employees and managers. Think of presentation, explanation, motivation, courses, regulations or sharing achievements.

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There are many services, constructions and options to consider. You can alwas approach us for a non-commital conversation in which we explain what we can do for you and how we can offer this at an affordable price. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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