Custom animation



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We literally start with a blank document. Characters, objects, colors, shapes, all produced exclisively for you.



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No limits

Custom animation is the way to shape abstract information the way you want. Everything is possible.



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Custom corporate identity

Planning animation for the future? Extend your customized animation style into a corporate animation identity and use it more often and for less money. 

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Anglure style animation

More about our workflow

Anglure style animation



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More affordable and faster production

The design process and the illustrations have already been arranged. Only the script and animation phase are needed. That saves time and money.



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Designed with dedication

A lot of attention goes into the development of these Anglure visuals so that we can easily adapt them to your own corporate identity.



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Know what you can count on

Because the style is already known, you already know what to expect. No question marks. You specify what you want to see, we make it for you. Easy.



3 redenen om animatie te gebruiken


Attention span


The attention span of your audience is 8 seconds on avarage. An animation extends this up to 120 seconds through visual storytelling.

Picture superiority effect

Picture superiority effect

Images are better shared, remembered and experienced compared to text. Our brain processes visual information 60.000 times faster.

Video conversion rate


Video and animation are shared 1200% more and are watched 48% more. Videos shorter than 15 seconds are shared even 37% more.

The visual brain

Animation video is an attractive form of communication that can help you tell your story in more detail. 65% of people learn visually and 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. Our most dominant sense is vision. We proces visual information 60.000 times faster than text. That is why you opt for visual communication.

Which of the two images do you understand most quickly?


Visual communication

Textual communication

Animation styles

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Motion graphic

This animation technique normally does not use traditional characters and is often made up of abtract or geometrical shapes. A motion graphic gets its strength mainly from timing and smart visualization.

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Character animation

A technique that creates the illusion of emotion, personality and thoughts through characters with which your audience can identify. The animator is basically the actor in this process. Characters are often enhanced with a coded bone structure and control points with which the limbs and expression can be controlled. 


Cell animation

No animation is as exeptional and exclusive as cell animation. This is what we call traditional animation, and it certainly is. For the use of computers, every drawing, every frame was drawn manually. This is a very time-consuming technique with its own style and possibilities that cannot be achieved with other animation forms. 


HTML 5 animation

You can also enhance your websites or apps with animated icons, inmages or banners. We ensure that the animation can be supplied as code, so that you can easily embed it on your web application. 

What exactly do you get?

The resut may be an animation, but you will recieve much more in the process. These products can also be interesting as seperate content. What we offer



Your strategy, texts, ideas and visual style. The core of your content. 



Your story, ready for production. Clear for everyone. 

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Your story, drawn. So that you can see what we mean with the script texts. 


Visual design

The illustrations based on the storyboard. The way they will look in your animation. 

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All individual illustrations, ready for animation but also usable in presentations.



Your voice-over, sound effects, music and mastering. A complete experience.



Your animation in differend sizes, languages or versions for your social media. 

Animation as a solution

You can use animation for almost any purpose. On social media, YouTube and your website. Recruitement, courses, explanation, introduction, advertisement, presentation, everything is possible. Be creative - or let us be - and your communication problem has been solved. Have a look at our workflow

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