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Mix and master

Your content, in balance and ready for every sound system. A good audio mix makes the difference.



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Sound design

Every sound fragment can contribute to your content. The style of the sounds, the complexity but also the combination of them. Order a composition of audio.



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Recording and editing

Gave music or voice-overs recorded by professionals? Everything entirely according to your wishes, exclusively produced for you.



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Your brand deserves its own sound. Anglure provides custom music so that you can use it in your videos, animations or audio commercials for the radio or services such as spotify. This means that your music will be recorded according to your wishes. Edited stock music is also an option.

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Sound design

SFX stands for sound effects. Sound on every accent of your video or animation completely customized and as complex as you wish. Also possible, for example, with your logo so that your brand is also recognizable through sound. The addition of a sound design takes your content to a higher level.

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Recording a voice-over is very personal. Which voice will represent your brand? There are countless voices. Anglure advises you and ensures a qualitative recording worthy of your brand. Other languages? No problemo.

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Audio mastering

A combination of different audio tracks must be well mixed so that they do not disturb each other. Do you want to make the most of your content on mobile devices, sound installations or even in the cinema? Stereo, 5.1 or 360 degrees audio, it's all possible. Don's worry, we will advise you..

Audio as content.

A different line of work, that's why Anglure works with sound professionals throughout the country through our sub-company with online order process: SoundHunter.

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