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Content package



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Reduce costs

By standardizing and maintaining recurring factors - think of your company's brand style, concepts, characters, assets and video shots - Anglure can produce your content more cost effective in the future.



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We offer you a proactive attitude in which we advise you or come up with ideas to improve your communication or presentation. You don't have to do it all on your own.



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No obligations

We do not sell you 'no'. We do not want you to sign a mountain of binding paperwork. We work on the basis of trust and understanding, as buisness relationships should be.



How does it work?

It is simple: You indicate which media you want to bundle into a discount package, we look at what we can standardize and create a start package. This starter package is quickly recouped because we will provide you with a price list with a discount for all your future content based on the standardized components.

Create your custom content package

Customise it yourself

You do not want to pay for items that you do not use. That is why you can put together your own content package. In a meeting we will make a note of all your wishes, give you advise an map out your content plans. Content is personal, including your composition, in the most profitable way possible.

Start package

Start package

Your start package consists of everything that we can standardize. Think of video shots of your locations, products or processes that appear in every video, that saves recording time. An illustration corporate identity for your animations so that the characters and objects can be reused, that saves days of production. A concept, visual style and story structure that saves a whole phase and hours of consultation. We work efficiently. This saves a lot of time and money.

Purchase a content package?

For entrepreneurs who know the power of content and are looking for a personalized way of working. Anglure offers the options that you are looking for.

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