The way to portray whatever you want in any way. Shape your characters, icons, logos and environment. Choose the colors, shapes and preferences for your content without limits.



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Without limits

Every style is possible, challenge us. Anglure ensures that you gradually reach the illustration style that suits you. Whether this is for a book, animation, poster, website, app or other media.



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Your corporate identity

Make your colors, fonts and other preferences known and recieve an illustration style that matches your corporate identity. If you find it useful, we even develop an illustration style guide or illustration package.

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Ready for animation

Need visuals for an animation? Anglure delivers ready-made visual designs, delivered i layers, the way you prefer. Characters, assets, iconsyou name it. Have them animated? That's also a possibility.

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Who is going to be the actor in your story? Characters provide identification and emotion. By means of illustration it is possible to develop characters to your liking. Also possible in layers and fully rigged so that the character is ready to be animated.

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Do you want to quickly assemble content yourself, or add your corporate identity to presentations? Anglure develops libraries so that you ony have to open a folderto acces a world of illustrations based on your preferences.

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Icon sets

Visual support to accompany text through icons can provide a boring web page with life. Icons help your audience to navigate through your website or app or provide just that extra support that a text may need to attract attention. Have a look at an example.

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Ready for animation

To animate illustrations, they must be divided into layers. Many layers. So that we can move each part seperately. Anglure supplies visual designs, ready for animation, as a storyboard. Have an animation made? That of course is also possible.

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A storyboard ensures that everyone involved in the production process knows where they stand. You or your client know what will be made and what to give approval to. The camera operator, illustrator, editor, director and animator know what they have to do. a few sketches can be that useful.

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For your book or website

Sometimes a text on your website or in your book could use a bit of clarification. A few well placed illustrations can provide your audience with a "aha" moment where they otherwise would drop out.

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Illustration can be used on many fronts. Decorating a presentation, animation, posters and more. In terms of complexity, you can go as far as you want at Anglure. Challenge us and enjoy the result.

Illustration as a solution

You can use illustration for almost any purpose. Expand your corporate identity with illustrations or over animated illustrations for a unique look.

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