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Flexible and efficient

Our production always runs smoothly through the use of an extensive script and storyboard. Everyone knows where they stand and what needs to be made.



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The power of storytelling

Telling a story can be straightforward, but also in a cinematic way. Whether it is a company video, impression of an event, testimonial or wedding. There is a good story everywhere.



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Everything is possible

Special effects, 360 degrees audio, high resolution and frame rates or translations. We can produce it all for you.








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According to concept

We wil not go to work without a plan. We ensure that everything is prepared to perfection. We follow the concept in detail so that you are assured of the images you want.



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To supplement your video

Have photos taken during the recording of your video. This way, the video and photo style match and. in addition to a video, you also have photos as content for your website and social media.



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More than 1000 words

Adding an image to your communication can significantly improve your conversion. Summarize your texts and let the photos complete the story.



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Professional recordings

The best shots are made with good equipment and an eye for detail. Good collaboration with a videographer is extremely important. Being well attuned to each other and a uniform script, production and directional style play a major role here. For our recordings we therefore always work together with SEPH visual


Recordings according to the script

To ensure an efficient production for you and everyone involved, we always work according to an extensive script. Here we describe each part of the production per scene. Together with you, we first create an approved script entirely according to your wishes. Ready for recording. Read more about scripts.

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Editing your way.

Your preference counts. Natural light or special color processing. Quick shot changes or an easy paced story. Special effects, retouching or motion graphics? We include it all in the concept and script so that the editor kows what to do.

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Visual effects

Special effects do not always have to be explosions, no matter how nice they are. Floating information screens, lighting effects, covered logos or imperfections, a smoother skin or some motion graphics are also possible. With the right details you can take your video to a higher level.


Sound design.

Add the right accents to your video and ensure a better experience with sound design. Let the video be mixed so that the voices, music and sound effects are in perfect harmony. Read more about audio

Video or photo as a solution

Can be used in many ways. The presence of visual support is indispensable online. 80% of the internet consists of video and that percentage continues to grow. That's not without reason.

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