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Offer value

Perhaps the most important rule. You achieve much more with content that offers value to your audience than with content that shows what yuo do and sell. Give your audience something to learn, to get better from or to be inspired by.



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Use content

Just text does not reach nearly as much as a photo or image does. You can achieve the most reach and the most chance of interaction with video's and animations of 15 seconds or less. 



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Post periodically

Different channels to keep track of and your core buisness. That often does not go well together. Anglure ensures that your content is delivered on time, all you have to do is post it.



Your social media team

We discuss the way you want to communicate and map your channels. What works on Facebook is just a little different on Twitter. So we advise and investigate how you can best offer value to your followers. How much and how often do you want to recieve content? You aks and we deliver.

Content package

Content packages

Do you need more within your company than just social media content? Then compile your content package together with Anglure. We make a content style for you so that all content purchases will become a lot cheaper in the future.  More about content packages


Offer value

The number one reason to follow or share is the value that you offer your audience, not what you sell. Social media is a web of social traffic that moves both ways. Make sure that you appeal to the humor or emotion of your audience. Make sure that your content ensures that your audience can solve a problem, learn something or be inspired. Only then will your audience remember and spread your name. This way traffic will be generated to all of your channels.

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Have content created

Visual content provides more conversion. Think of a photo, illustration, video or animation accompanied by a catchy text with a call-to-action. Make sure you tell your audience what to do. Content catches the attention of your audience and can explain information easily and quickly. Do something with that attention and convert it into conversions by combining different content forms. 

Optimize social media?

There is always something to be gained in the social media area, it continues to develop. Do you want advice or progress? Anglure can help you

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