Het concept bestaat uit tekst met visuele content als ondersteuning.


Text as support for a video or image? Or vice versa? Together these two ways of communication are strongest.



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Short but sweet

Telling your story in an engaging way is important. Your audience does not want to read pages full of texts, but good summaries.



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You can reach the whole world online. Translating your texts increases your reach. Also possible as subtitles for your videos and animations.




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The texts in your online profiles, social media posts, website, radio commercials and videos, they all matter. Every piece of text participates in the communication that forms your character. Have these texts written professionally and lift your communication to a higher level so that your audience not only reads it but also understands it and takes action.


We bring the pages full of information that you provide back to a video or animation of a few minutes. We discuss the possible recording locations, available people or actors and the character of your production. When everything is complete we write the spoken text and complete it with an image and possibly also an audio description. A script is not only a story but also a production plan. Everyone navigates easily through the scenes and shots so that production and feedback runs smoothly.

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Roceod voice over


Texts for a video or animation are written differently that normal. Which parts can be explained visually and do not require extra text? Which order can be depicted well? How do you treat as much as possible in a single scene and stay below the desired playing time? Avoid obstacles and have these texts written and recorded by professionals. More about voice-over recordings.

Have your texts written by professionals?

Translations, subtitles, voice-overs, scripts, concepts, communication, posts and more. You can contact us for all of your texts.

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