We proactively adjust to your wishes. Digital or face-to-face contact? Your own brand style or another style with each project? A lot of isight into the process, or would you prefer to recieve a product without wasting your valuable time on it yourself? We will arrange it.

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Telefoon illustratie contact moment over online video content en andere media


You are choosing Anglure, not a 3rd, 4th or 5th supplier. You can count on us. We are happy to present you a complete and clear process from a fixed point of contact.

Visual content works. Also within the media production process. The story is always on the table textually and visually so that you know what we are talking about. Read and look further for more information.

What we offer

A script or story plan in text

A storyboard to support the script

Feedback on text and image



Phase 1, Concept

Results: Concept | Voice-over text | Concept drawing

Phase 1: Concept



Icon Heart

Offer value

What kind of value will you offer to win the attention of your target audience and have them perform a desired action?



Icon Brain

Influence and convince

We find out how we respond to the insticts, emotions, wishes, desires and beliefs of your target audience.



Icon concept

Have a look at the basics of your content

We present you with a written concept and a visual style choice in the form of a concept drawing.





Phase 2, Story

Results: Script | Sketched storyboard | Story-plan | Shot list | Texts

Phase 2: Story



Icon storytelling

Use storytelling

We tell a story that ensures that your audience is fascinated, stores the correct information and also does something with that. Action!



Icon checklist

Maintain control

Everything that will happen or that will be communicated can be found in the clear story plan or script.



Icon eye

Gain insight

Your choices and feedback are not only based on your interpretations of text. In the storyboard you can see the whole story visually.





Phase 3, Production

Results: Video recordings | Illustrations | Storyboard visual design | Photo's | Style-guide | Video / Illustration libraries | Icon sets | Characters | Assets | Logo's | Voice-over recording

Phase 3: Production

Icon Action

Everything according to plan

We start recording and illustration, but not just like that. You know what we are creating. Everthing will macth the script and storyboard.



Icon files

Be prepared

We archive all produced media, ready for processing. In the case of animation, the illustrations are devided into hundreds of layers.



Icon check

You decide

You provide your feedback on a detailed visual design storyboard or a raw edit. Only after that will we continue.





Phase 4, Editing, Effects and Animation

Results: Video edit | HTML animation | 2D animation | 3D animation | Edited photo's | Motion graphics

Phase 4: Editing, effects and animation



Icon Sliders

Bring your content to life

Through video editing, effects, adjustments and animation, all loose media is combined.



Icon Special effects

Choose the correct details

We provide your content with the necessary extras through special effects, color grading and motion graphics.



Icon idea

Check your content

We go through the content. Do you think the length, order, appearance and communication is correct? Then it's time to move on.





Phase 5, Audio and versions

Results: Social cuts | Audio mastering | Music | Sound design | Translations | Subtitles

Phase 5: Audio and versions



Icon AudioLevels

Add a sound design to your content

Every detail is supported by sound effects. Matching music is edited or recorded especially for you.



Icon complete

Different languages, various audio mixes

We make versions in different languages, subtitles and social cuts of your content. We mix the sound for devices, installations or even cinemas.



Icon happy

Almost done!

Time to present you with your content. Only after your feedback and your total satisfaction, the product is ready.

The power of audio

Have a look at the video below. What can the addition of sound design, music or a voice-over mean for your content? Click on the different titles to compare.

More about audio


Our process and the communication with our customers is responsible for carefully produced, customized content in various forms. View the showreel for a selection from our portfolio to see the kind of quality that we offer. We look forward to working with you.

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