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content writing.

It's common knowledge that folks change into annoying creatures once they turn on their selling game. This happens in dating, job interviews, and actual sales. Now, picture that in this connected world, your online content has to replace your 1-on-1 conversations.

If your writing lacks personality, doesn't recognize its inner psycho, or misunderstands its function in the overarching conversation, it is likely to hurt your online presence. My services will help you identify your strengths and turn them into smooth talk.

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

writing services.


Simple scriptwriting.

Some ideas are straight forward to begin with, and that's a good thing!


This takes a little less time than handling a complex problem child of a project.

The same applies to interviews and testimonials that can be prepped but not fully scripted.

From €1200,-


Complex scriptwriting

How can I write about electron microscopy, engineering, and financial markets?

Not because i'm an expert in all fields but because I'm an expert in my field.

This takes research, brain cracking, and will-timed breaks, though. 

From €2400,-



Content strategy can't dismiss good old online copy. This is content superglue.


Search Engine-friendly titles, descriptions, and copywriting can impact 70% of CTR.

We don't want to produce high-quality content and ruin the surrounding copy, do we?

From €1200,-

*Includes advice and corrections. Pricing depends on word count. The above prices are for productions up to 750 words. Larger projects will be priced accordingly.

process & timeline.

A phase per day keeps the mistakes away.

Phase 1


To craft relevant and succinct communication, the brand goals, values, and products should be identified and aligned with the goals and values of your ideal customer. This phase consists of input distillation, research, and strategy.

Phase 2


When we're on the same page regarding strategy, it's time for strategy-led storytelling and structure. This depends on the medium and platform but generally follows a similar approach: core message, shorten, fine-tune alignment.

Phase 3


We review the communication until it's right. Then, we make sure it is implemented according to strategy and ensure the delivery of alternative versions is aligned with the matching use cases, such as language versions and other platforms.

*Anglure works until clients are happy with the current phase. To protect ourselves against our own vision, one round of corrections per phase is included, and the rest is trust-based (to prevent 'changed-my-mind' scenarios).

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