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video & animation.

The most consumed type of content for a reason. Video helps you deliver real-world proof and adds a 'human touch' to any brand. Animation is limitless and helps you visualize and explain concepts that don't even exist (yet) or are hard to imagine without a little help.

Anglure produces high-quality video and animation content from strategy to implementation. We take cost-efficiency very seriously but don't compromise on quality. If you want it done right, go with Anglure; if you want to go cheap, that's your prerogative.

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

animation services.


Anglure's Signature Off-The-Shelf Style.

When you're in a rush, and branding is not an issue, this is your solution.


Designed with much attention, Anglure offers this option to save resources.

This style enables you to omit the custom design phase but still offers high quality.

From €5500,-


Custom Motion Graphics Animation.

Many explainer animations can tell the same story without using characters.

Motion graphics animation uses icons, text, shapes, objects, and schematics.

This will save a lot of time and energy in the illustration and animation phases. 

From €7500,-


Custom Character Animation.

Characters enable an audience to identify with the story. To imagine.


Character animation requires finesse in both design and motion. It requires time.

Let's make sure this is the right choice. And if it is, let's do it the right way.

From €9500,-

*Includes scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, music, and voice-over. Pricing depends on the video duration and design choices. The above prices are for productions from 30 to 60 seconds. An extra 30 seconds requires an extra 30%.

video services.



Our video team will Capture beautiful, spontaneous moments at your event.

Anglure will archive these clips and turn them into valuable video marketing materials.


A well-archived collection of company culture footage will last a long time. 

From €5500,-


Social Proof.

Testimonial videos are extremely valuable but should not be forced or acted out.

Anglure writes a storyline and then formulates the questions that guide the narrative.

Our video team will capture valuable quotes and relevant b-roll footage on the spot. 

From €7500,-



A wow video. A full-on movie production where a well-written script is well executed.

From exeptional scriptwriting, motion graphics, camera work to sound effects and music.

This is the video that you will show proudly. The video that is your buisness card.

From €9500,-

*Pricing depends on the video duration and amount of recording days. The above prices are for 1-day recordings. Anglure only works with exceptional videography talent. We don't compromise. An extra day of recording requires an extra € 1400,-

process & timeline.

Each phase will prevent increasingly difficult corrections downstream.

Week 1


Any successful video is strategy-led. In this first phase, we will align your brand values and video goals with your customer's journey. The video function has a major impact on the story and design choices and, thus, its effectiveness.

Week 2


A well-written video script is more important than a video's design. Compare movies like Good Will Hunting and Godzilla and you'll get the idea. Anglure excels at turning complex matters into accessible video marketing content.

Week 3

Visual Story

Depending on our choice of video or animation, we will record the required footage or create digital illustrations. Note that in some cases, the recording date or the need for a storyboard can impact the project timeline.

Week 4


The video is defined in the script, so we stick to the plan. In this phase, we simply execute the script by editing video footage or animating digital illustrations. And when everything has come together, the video is done.

Week 5


Based on the determined strategy, we will create language versions, search engine-friendly video descriptions, thumbnails, and titles, and help you implement your new video within your content strategy as intended. 

*Anglure works until clients are happy with the current phase. To protect ourselves against our own vision, one round of corrections per phase is included, and the rest is trust-based (to prevent 'changed-my-mind' scenarios).

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