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content review, strategy, and mapping.

Here comes the building-a-house metaphor: don't build a house without a proper foundation, don't invest without proper analysis, and don't waste any of your marketing budget until you have a content strategy in place.

The core of effective marketing is aligning your values, goals, offers, and customers. If your brand does not succeed here, all marketing attempts downstream will be affected, and you'll be spending resources on bandages forever. Let's get it right from the get-go.

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

strategy services.


Content Review.

Let's review your current strategy and identify the dysfunctions.

From there, we will restructure. The result will be a relevant content strategy.


Then, let's create a plan to fill up the gaps with qualitative, strategy-led content.

From €7500,-


Content Strategy.

If you have the luxury of tarting with a blank canvas, don't waste a good moment.

It only takes a few sessions to establish a relevant content strategy and production plan.

This foundation will help you align all content marketing attempts to a relevant plan. 

From €9500,-


Content Mapping.

Not everybody understands marketing speech. You shouldn't have to.

A content map is a visual map that's easy to understand for all stakeholders.

This helps you mingle and make informed decisions without knowing marketing.

From €5500,-

*Includes advice and corrections. Pricing depends on the amount of sub-brands and company size. Larger projects will be priced accordingly.

process & timeline.

A few weeks can impact years and years of efforts.

Phase 1


Anglure will ask questions to identify the brand values, goals, products, platforms, and ideal customers. We'll also make sure to identify the values and goals of the customer. This is where a relevant content strategy is born.

Phase 2


We use the input and available data to form a strong bias and cut the clutter. From there, a solid plan is born. An overarching strategy guide that will impact every content marketing effort downstream.

Phase 3


This is when we craft a visual representation of the content strategy. We will show you how your content and platforms connect with each other, your brand, and your customers. This will enable you to easily identify gaps and opportunities.

Phase 4


From strategy to tactics, we will offer recommendations for content production, usage, and implementation, based on your resources. If you'd like, we'll even produce high-quality, strategy-led content for you. But that's up to you. 

*Anglure works until clients are happy with the current phase. To protect ourselves against our own vision, one round of corrections per phase is included, and the rest is trust-based (to prevent 'changed-my-mind' scenarios).

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