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high-quality content marketing strategy & design for expert service providers.

From expert advice to high-quality, strategy-led content creation.


Marketing & Design

What type of content do you need to solve your unique challenge?


And how can you best approach the production of the content you need?


If you don't know the answers, that's ok. I will guide you.

From € 175,-


Strategy & Mapping

No more guessing. How does that sound?


A plan that aligns your goals, products, and ideal customer.

Then, a map that shows you exactly how to provide relevant content in all phases of your customer's journey.

From € 5500,-


Design & Implementation

A lot of efficiency is lost in the gap between content strategy and its design.

Anglure offers high-quality, strategy-led content design to bridge that gap.

Video, Animation, Illustration, Photo, and Copy.

From € 1200,-

Anglure in 60 seconds.

There's a lot to be said, but if you are a show-me-the-results type of person, this video will tell - and show - you what you need to know at this point of your journey.

Anglure excels at turning complex subjects into accessible communication.





Lumosa - Sustainable Energy and Lighting Solutions

"We have collaborated with Anglure on various projects. Always super professional, with clear communication and beautiful results! They always add perspectives that help you get even more value from collaborating.”


I am Luke Looijen.

I don't know any better than to overdeliver. What I do know is content marketing strategy and

high-quality, strategy-led content design.

I help expert service providers turn a full mind of complex ideas into accessible content that connects with their rightful customers.

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Genuine marketing strategies beat manipulative ones.

If you're a dog-eat-dog type of firm and strive to manipulate your customers into buying, we're not on the same page.


If you're a value-creating expert service provider, you're the reason I do what I do and we should collaborate.


I'd love to help you connect with your hard-earned, rightful audience and realize your vision.


I've had the pleasure of working with some beautiful clients. Take my work for it.

To guarantee high-quality results and the personal attention you deserve, Anglure takes on a limited amount of projects per year.

Get in Touch

Kooikersweg 83, De Hertogin

's-Hertogenbosch, 5223 KE

+31 6 81 64 87 17

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